AirCard – A Credit Card Sized AirTag

I love my tech gear. I mean, it’s 2023. We’re living in an era where technology isn’t just convenient – it’s necessary. So, when I stumbled upon a gadget on Kickstarter that promised to end my endless “where did I leave my wallet?” queries, I couldn’t resist. Enter: the AirCard. It’s sleek, it’s versatile, it’s practical, and, I daresay, it’s game-changing.

What is this?

AirCard, billed as the world’s first card-sized tracker with an integrated digital business card, is a mind-boggling piece of technology. Not much thicker than a credit card, it slips perfectly into any wallet, making it effortless to track. And as an Apple enthusiast, I was ecstatic to learn that it works with Apple’s Find My Network.

Can’t remember where you left your wallet? No problem. The AirCard emits a robust Bluetooth signal that is detected by millions of devices across the globe. Just open your Find My app, and voila! Your wallet’s location is displayed. It also doubles as a digital integrated business card.


  • Card-sized tracker: Slim enough to slide into your wallet without fuss.
  • Find My Network compatibility: Find your wallet wherever it is in the world.
  • Left behind reminder: You’ll get a notification as soon as you leave your AirCard behind.
  • Digital business card: NFC technology lets you store your business card and social media links directly in your wallet.
  • RFID blocker: Your credit cards are safe from malicious attacks.
  • Anti-stalking features: Warns you if someone tries to track you with an AirCard.
  • 30-month battery life: And a 50% discount for a new AirCard when the battery starts running low.

Who is it for?

AirCard is a tech gadget for the modern individual. Are you always on the go and prone to misplacing your wallet? This is for you. Perhaps you’re an entrepreneur who’s tired of lugging around a stack of business cards? Or maybe you’re a tech enthusiast like me who loves trying out the latest gadgets. If you’re any (or all) of these, the AirCard is made for you.

Plus, if you’ve got an Airtag or two, you’ll appreciate the AirCard’s sleekness and utility. It’s like an Airtag, but on steroids. For your wallet.

AirCard is also a great fit for the environmentally conscious. It’s designed to avoid e-waste, and the packaging is 100% plastic-free and made with recycled paper.

Where can I buy it?

Now, let’s remember it’s a Kickstarter campaign, so this little miracle-worker is still in the fundraising phase. The campaign is ran by Rolling Square who’ve done successful releases of phone accessories in the past.

Buy one on the official Kickstarter page

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