The Coolest Pool Floats of 2024

As the world is experiencing one of the hottest summers in history you need to get your pool floats in order. Your old inflatable crocodile just won’t cut it anymore in a time where everyone’s battling for the holiday Instagram pic crown.

We’ve selected our favorite pool floats for 2024 that are sure to turn heads at the swimming pool or on the beach. Get these bad boys for yourself or for a group of people to float on. Pack them up in your backpack or suitcase, inflate them and start your holidays!

1. Pink Coffin Pool Float

If you value some privacy in the pool, this pink coffin-shaped pool float is the choice for you. Crawl in it like Dracula after a night of blood sucking and you’ll be sure no one bothers you.

Alternatively, you can sit inside it for a while and scare the living hell out of anyone daring to check what’s in the coffin.

Or what about re-enacting the coffin dance meme with your mates on the beach? Make sure they don’t drop it though.

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2. Angel Wings Pool Float

The Angel Wings might be one of the most marvelous ways to lie down flat in a pool. This pool float is the perfect choice for amazing holiday pictures.

Vibrant colors and a comfortable design makes you just want to settle down and not leave your float until it gets dark or rainy outside.

Xiangtat Inflatable Pool Float, Angel Wings Inflatable Floating Raft PVC Pool Lounger for Summer Swimming Pool Party, Butterfly Shape Blow...

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3. Inflatable Avocado with Removable Pit

In my opinion, there’s not enough ways to express love for the avocado. You can make sure that next time I’m hitting the pool I’m bringing this avocado pool float with me.

The greatest thing is that the pit is removable. Use it as a beach ball or fill the hole it leaves with your favorite drink so you’re able to survive (for at least an hour) on this awesome pool float.

Aitey Pool Float, Giant Inflatable Avocado Pool Floatie with Ball Water Fun Summer Swimming Pool Raft Lounge Beach Floaty Party...

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4. Inflatable Beer Pong Table with Wifi Speaker

What better way to bring beer pong into the pool than this floating beer pong table?

For the price, this is a pretty advanced float. It comes with a cooler section that will keep your drinks cool in the center (not indefinitely, but enough for your game). In addition there’s a wifi speaker included to which you can connect your phone or mp3 player. Don’t expect JBL levels of sound, but it’s a good backup solution for when you want to play some music in the pool.

The beer pong section allows you to put 10 cups on either end of the pool float. You’ll even get some glow-in-the-dark ping pong balls included so you can play beer pong in the evening.

Make sure you have something to keep your pool water clean as there will be spills happening as the game progresses!

Outer Trails Inflatable Beer Pong Table and Pool Float with WiFi Speaker, 4 Glow Balls, and Detachable Cooler Cover

Last update was on: June 25, 2024 9:51 am
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5. Pool Float with Integrated Squirt Gun

You can always wake me up for a squirt gun fight in the pool. If you don’t have squirt guns lying around there are multiple floats available with integrated squirt guns that make it all the more fun to be in the pool.

UFO Spaceship with Squirt Gun Float

This UFO shaped pool float looks way to comfortable to have a serious squirt gun fight. Never the less, it comes equipped with one between your legs. It supports 140 lb in weight capacity.

Swimline UFO Spaceship Squirter

4 used from $18.62
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$24.04 $39.99

Swimline Battleboard Squirter Set

The Battleboards squirter set does understand water squirting fights are serious business. You are in an ideal position (flat on your stomach) and you get 2 squirt guns attached to your pool float. Lay your head down for cover under the splash screen when needed.

Every pack comes with 2 Battleboards so you can go head to head with a friend or family member. The version below is a 2-pack, so you’ll get 4 Battleboards in total for this price. Great deal!

Swimline Battleboards Squirter Set Swimming Pool Floating Game, 2 Pack

Last update was on: June 25, 2024 9:51 am
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$69.97 $80.77

Fireboat Squirting Pool Float

Finally, for kids there’s a fireboat pool float with a fire extinguishing squirt gun on it. Perfect for when you want to put out a rampant barbecue fire (don’t try that at home).

Swimline Fireboat Squirter Inflatable Pool Toy

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6. LED Light Swan Float

If you need a pool float that still impresses everyone in the dark, this pack of LED light swans should be your weapon of choice.

Each of these swans support 2 people and they have built-in LED lights that change color. It makes for a fabulous ride in a lake or pool.

Swimline Giant LED Light-Up Swan Swimming Pool Float, 2-Pack

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7. Poolcandy Motorized Pool Lounger

Creating a ‘best of’ pool floats post wouldn’t be complete without a lazy pool lounger. And I’m of course talking about a luxurious, motorized pool lounger.

Why take the effort of getting off your comfy pool float to reach something when you can just float yourself towards it?

The joysticks allow for 360 degree movement of the 66W motors in a pool or lake of any kind.

There’s a deluxe patch kit included in case your pool lounger gets damaged.

Pool Float Accessories

Now whenever you buy one or more of these special pool floats you definitely need to bring some accessories to enjoy them to the fullest.

First, to save yourself from lung collapse, here’s a recommended electric air inflator / deflator that’s especially for pool toys:

Gifts Sources Electric Air Pump for Inflatable Pool Toys - High Power Quick-Fill Air Mattress Inflator Deflator Pump for Pool...

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$17.99 $35.99

Next, no matter how careful you are with your pool floats, you’re bound to damage one sometimes. This Tear-Aid kit allows you to patch up the smaller holes to add additional lifetime to your favorite floats.

TEAR-AID Vinyl Seat Repair Kit, Blue Box Type B, Single

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Last update was on: June 25, 2024 9:51 am
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