The Best Kitchen Gadgets of 2024

There are plenty of gadgets nowadays that will make life in the kitchen a whole lot easier. For preparing food, cleaning your countertop, washing dishes and other daily chores you don’t have to get by with the tools and products people have been using for decades. You can do things way more efficient in your kitchen if you would just know the existence of some products. Just browse through our selection of the best kitchen gadgets below and you’ll be the king of the kitchen in no time.

Negg – Hard Boiled Egg Peeler

Negg Egg Peeler

When you need to prepare some deviled eggs for a party the most annoying thing is peeling the hard-boiled eggs after you cook them. The Negg is a kitchen gadget (invented by a grandma) that will make peeling eggs the easiest thing ever.

Just put an egg in the Negg, add some water and shake it. The shell will come off like skin of a slow-cooked piece of meat. It’s so satisfying that I wouldn’t mind peeling dozens of eggs in one sitting!

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Supoon – the Most Versatile Kitchen Spoon

I wish they made more all-purpose kitchen spoons like the Supoon. When you use it you’re really wondering why no one ever thought of making this before. The Supoon is a kitchen spoon with a squeegee texture and eye-catching design that does the following:

  • It can scrape with its silicone sides
  • It can scoop
  • It can serve
  • It allows you to measure teaspoon / eating spoons
  • It keeps your counter clean with its smart handle

Just get a set of Supoons and you can throw away a lot of redundant utensils that you’re now using to do any of the above tasks.

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Offundo Butter Spreader

Butter Spreader Tool

There’s few things I hate more than preparing many sandwiches with butter using a regular bread knife. I often tear up the bread or otherwise take a very long time to get butter evenly spread.

The Offundo Butter Spreader is a great kitchen gadget when you’re buttering a loaf of bread a day. It can’t get more simple than just putting a block of butter in it and then butter a slice of bread with a single hand motion.

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Guac-Lock Guacamole Preservation Container

Guac-Lock Guacamole Container

I love me some guac, but the stuff expires while you’re looking at it. Forget about putting it into the fridge to eat some nachos tomorrow. So often I’ll buy some fresh guacamole from the super market and toss it away the same day.

The Guac-Lock is a heaven sent gadget that allows you to preserve your freshly made guacamole and store it in the fridge without the stuff going brown in a few hours.

It’s quit simple to get some long-term guac going on with the Guac-Lock:

  • Step 1: Fill the container with some guac
  • Step 2: Place cover on container and lock lid with 3 clips – keep the large tab still open
  • Step 3: Place container on elevator and push down gently. Squeeze out all the air until the guacamole appears at the top of the hole.
  • Step 4: Close the tab to form an air-tight seal and store in the refrigerator with elevator attached until ready to serve. Before opening, open large tab first, then unlock 3 clips.

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Trash Can with Built-in Trash Crusher

How come I’m always the lucky one that needs to replace the trash bag with a new one? It’s like we’re having a game at home to see who can best push down the trash so you just don’t have to replace the bag. Sounds familiar?

This smart trash can by Joseph Joseph has a built-in compactor so you don’t have to use your hands, a paper towel or your foot (if you’re a crazy person) to push down the trash to make space for more.

Watch out as your trash bags will get heavy using this Joseph Joseph trash can!

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Peanut Butter Pump Dispenser

Peanut Butter Pump

If you’re as addicted to peanut butter as I am this peanut butter pump is a must-have kitchen gadget. You just screw this special lid on your regular sized peanut butter jar and you can get pumping. This is a perfect, mess-free way of putting peanut butter on your sandwiches or in your recipes.

The added benefit of this pump is that the jar will be scraped entirely clean, so not a single drop of peanut butter goes wasted.


  • Stream-style nozzle
  • Ribbon nozzle
  • Easy cleaning
  • Twist-n-lock collar for storage
  • Sliding suction seal keeps the air out

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Over the Sink Storage Shelf and Dish Drainer

Let’s face it. Not everyone has a large kitchen, or the luxury of having an automatic dishwasher. If you’re used to cleaning dishes by hand getting help from some gadgets is more than welcome.

This over-the-sink dish rack is a perfect combination of kitchen shelf and a dish drainer. You can just wash your plates, put them in this rack to dry and then take them out when you need them again. Since this rack is assembled above your sink it leaves your countertop dry and free of mess. Pretty great invention!

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Mr. Pung CO2 Kitchen Plunger

Mr Pung Plunger

Where I used to dread the moment the water didn’t run away in the sink, nowadays I can’t wait until my kitchen sink pipes get clogged again. It means I can get to use my Mr. Pung kitchen plunger. This oddly shaped plunger takes a CO2 cartridge and blasts your pipe straight clean with the touch of a button.

The kitchen version of the Mr. Pung plunger is portable and an essential gadget that sits locked and loaded inside your kitchen cabinet.

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Pull-string Vegetable Dicer

Pull String Vegetable Dicer

This dicer is for when you don’t trust yourself with a regular chef’s knife, but you also don’t have the space or money for an automatic vegetable slicer / kitchen machine to do it for you. This is a pull-string food slicer.

The handy kitchen gadget takes some vegetables and fruit. You close the lid and pull on a string a few times. Voila, some nicely diced food, that’s ready to go into any recipe that you’re preparing.

The price is also very friendly on the wallet, so there’s no reason why shouldn’t have a few of these dicers in your kitchen.

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Zojirushi Rice Cooker Zojirushi NS-ZCC10 5-1/2-Cup Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker ...

As a lover of anything rice, the Zojirushi rice cooker is an essential device in my kitchen. I’m not a Japanese mother that perfected her craft of cooking rice over the decades, unfortunately.

With adding some rice grains, a cup of water and a few button presses I can have that restaurant-grade rice on my plate without a sweat. The Zojirushi’s ‘Neuro Fuzzy’ technology makes it adapt and think about anything you throw at it. So, it’s actually difficult to mess up any preparation now.

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Bamboo Tofu Press

If you’re eating tofu on the regular, you can’t go without a proper tofu press nowadays. There’s only so much excess water you can drain from tofu by hand. This bamboo tofu press by Yarkor is made of eco-friendly materials and allows you to remove the water from your tofu in 15 minutes.

Simply place a block of tofu in the press, tighten the finger screws on top equally and the water will slowly drip into the drip tray.

When you’re done clean the press with warm water and some gentle soap and it’s ready for the next block of tofu!

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Zeroll 1020 – an Essential Ice Cream Scooper

We didn’t really talk about desserts. When it comes to scooping ice cream you’ve probably experienced the pain of a new container of rock-hard, frozen ice cream. Any regular ice cream scooper will have troubles digging into deeply frozen material.

Not the Zeroll 1020 though. The conductive liquid inside is able to use the heat of your hands to warm up the scooper good enough to cut through deeply frozen ice like butter. It’s been doing this since 1935.

The simple one-piece design and material ensures you can easily hold it, scoop with it and clean it afterwards (note that the Zeroll isn’t dish washer safe). You’ll want nothing else to handle ice cream after using this!

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The Cheese Chopper

We can’t have a kitchen gadget overview without having a gadget for cheese now can we? The Cheese Chopper is a container, slicer and shredder in one device. Simply take your block of cheese and use one of the guillotine attachments to slice or shred your cheese in your desired amount.

The Cheese Chopper ensures you won’t accidentally cut your fingers with a cheese knife. To top it off, it’s dishwasher safe and you don’t have to buy more expensive pre-sliced or pre-shredded packages, full of plastic.

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Automatic Dumpling Presser

This is the kitchen hero that will revolutionize your dumpling-making process. With manual and automatic modes, you can easily create delicious dumplings without the mess or hassle. It’s easy to use, easy to clean, and perfect for busy parents, college students, or gadget enthusiasts.

Available on Amazon, this game-changing kitchen gadget comes with a stainless steel spoon, a small brush, and a rechargeable battery. For about thirty bucks, you can say goodbye to laborious dumpling making and hello to more free time – and more dumplings!

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This concludes the round up of our best kitchen gadgets of 2024 for now. Make sure to keep this post bookmarked, because we will be adding more cool kitchen products whenever we find them!

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