Anker Solix F3800

The Anker Solix F3800 is a groundbreaking home battery backup system that offers an unparalleled blend of high capacity, portability, and innovative technology. This recent addition to Anker’s product line, revealed at CES 2024, is a game-changer for anyone seeking to minimize their reliance on the traditional electrical grid and embrace a more sustainable power solution. Its notable features like immense capacity, expansion possibilities, and dual voltage output make it a must-have for homes, RVs, and even for electric vehicle charging.

Why Do I Need an Anker Solix F3800?

The Anker Solix F3800 is not just another portable power station; it’s a comprehensive solution to modern power needs. With a staggering capacity of 3,840Wh and a maximum output of 6,000W, this power station is capable of running appliances and equipment for hours or even days, depending on the wattage. The Solix F3800 supports both 120V and 240V dual voltage output, making it versatile for various uses. In case of high load surges, it can handle a 9,000W surge peak, ensuring reliability under demanding conditions.

Designed for both portability and power, the Solix F3800 features a hefty build, weighing 132.3 pounds, with dimensions akin to a mini-fridge in height but more compact in width and depth. It boasts a suitcase-like design with wheels and an extendable handle, facilitating transportation despite its significant weight. The power station’s design and construction set it apart in the market, with its user-friendly interface allowing settings adjustments like power toggling, timer settings, and charging speed controls.

One of the standout features of the Anker Solix F3800 is its expansion capability. Users can connect another F3800 to double the output to 12,000W or attach additional expansions with the BP3800 to reach up to 53.8kWh. This feature is particularly useful for those looking to create a whole-home backup solution or for RV power. Additionally, it’s the first portable power station with AC coupling, allowing easier integration with solar panels for sustainable energy sourcing.

When it comes to outputs, the Solix F3800 doesn’t fall short. It offers three 100W USB-C ports, two 12W USB-A ports, six AC outlets including NEMA 14-50 and NEMA L14-30R for heavy-duty appliances, and a car socket. The three AC outlets on the left function as uninterruptible power supplies, ensuring vital loads are maintained during power fluctuations.


  • 3,840Wh capacity with a maximum output of 6,000W
  • Dual 120V/240V output
  • 9,000W surge peak for high load surges
  • Expansion capability up to 53.8kWh
  • First portable power station with AC coupling
  • Multiple outlets including USB-C, USB-A, AC, and car socket
  • Wheels and extendable handle for portability

Who is Anker Solix F3800 for?

The Anker Solix F3800 is ideal for a wide range of users. It’s a perfect choice for homeowners seeking a reliable power backup solution, especially those interested in sustainable energy practices. The ability to integrate with solar panels makes it a forward-thinking choice for eco-conscious individuals. RV enthusiasts will also find the Solix F3800 to be a valuable asset for powering their mobile homes, thanks to its significant capacity and portability. Additionally, its capacity to charge electric vehicles with built-in NEMA ports makes it a versatile tool for EV owners.

Where can I buy it?

The Anker Solix F3800 is available for purchase directly from Anker. It was launched with introductory offers and combo deals, providing an opportunity for early adopters to obtain it at a discounted rate. As a new product introduced at CES 2024, it is expected to start shipping in early 2024. You can buy the Anker Solix F3800 online via the link(s) below.

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