Best Gifts for Fall Guys Players

I hate the Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout video game.

It’s the most frustrating game in existence, which is probably because I was never able to reach to the crown and feel the satisfaction that goes along with it.

I can’t stop playing it though. Kudos to Mediatonic and Devolver Digital for creating such a frustrating, yet addictive experience.

The game recently became available as a free download for PS Plus subscribers. This saw a rise in the number of players. There are currently millions of Fall Guys players online and it’s the most watched game on Twitch at this moment.

I can see Fall Guys gaining the same popularity and treatment as the Angry Birds franchise.

Simple and lovable, colorful characters? Check.
Easy gameplay that gets increasingly harder as you progress? Check.
Lots of milestones, customizations, medals? Check.

We think official Fall Guys merchandise is only a matter of time. That’s why we went ahead and collected the best Fall Guys gifts currently available on the web.

Fall Guys Plush

Those adorable jelly bean like characters certainly deserve their own plush, which we think is a perfect Fall Guys gift. There’s no official plush available yet, but Etsy creators have been crafting Fall Guys since the game’s release.

Fleece Fall Guy

This one is made of anti pil fleece material and approximately 8″ tall. It survives machine washes and is very soft to the touch. It can be made in a variety of colors if purple isn’t your favorite.

Buy it on Etsy

Fall Guys Crochet

If crochets are more your thing, there’s plenty to go around. This crowned fellow is a little over 4″ tall and is made from holofiber filler and cotton yarn.

Buy it on Etsy

Watch this space for when the official Fall Guys plush merch arrives!

Fall Guys Apron

This Fall Guys apron is a perfect gift for gamer cooks. It has an adorable print and sold from Redbubble.

  • All-over sublimation print design
  • 100% polyester
  • Durable neck band and extra-long black ties that wrap around to tie in front
  • One size fits most adults
  • Easy care, machine washable

Buy it on Redbubble

Fall Guys Face Mask

Show everyone you’re a Fall Guy during this pandemic. Comes in various colors.

Buy it on Redbubble

Fall Guys Figures and 3D Prints

While we’re patiently waiting for official Fall Guys action figures, we’ll have to do with the unofficial 3D prints and figures being sold by crafters around the world.

Fall Guys Fry Skin Figure

The fries skin is probably my most favorite in Fall Guys. It’s sold primed and unpainted from Etsy by a 3D print seller and if you have patience and a steady hand you could have one of the few Fall Guys figures in the world right now!

This same seller has figurines for the Slurpie, Hotdog and Burger skins.

Buy on Etsy

Fall Guys Bean Figure

The plain bean figure is also available as a 3D print for you to prime and paint. This one’s made of biodegradable plastic and ships from the UK.

Buy on Etsy

Fall Guys Fridge Magnets

Stick those cute characters on your fridge with this set of 9 magnets. It includes the Fall Guys logo just in case anyone wonders where those characters are from.

Buy on Redbubble

Make sure to bookmark this post as we come across more essential Fall Guys merchanise gifts. In the meanwhile we’re happy to hear your own finds in the comments below!

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