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I love tools that can help me be more efficient in preparing sandwiches. This may be slightly overkill for me, but when you need to prepare buttered sandwiches for a class full of kids or a restaurant full of people this butter spreader is a heaven sent tool.

What is this Butter Spreader?

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This invention made by a retired chef is called Offundo (latin for ‘to spread’). With the Offundo you’re able to butter an entire loaf of bread in about 30 seconds, which is about six times faster than using a regular bread knife to do it.

You simply put your block of butter, or any other spreadable product into the Offundo and then use the so called plunger to apply pressure when applying it to your slice of bread. You’ll have an evenly buttered slice of bread.

The Offundo also works with soft cheese, nut and chocolate spreads, mayonnaise, hummus, jam and butter icing.

Pricing and Availability

The Offundo butter spreader is an indispensable tool in catering and food businesses. If you need to butter more than two loaves of bread per day you will save a lot of valuable time using the Offundo.

This butter spreader is available in a handmade stainless steel or lightweight acrylic version. Both are food- and dishwasher-safe.

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