Dyson Zone – Air Purifying Headphones

Gone are the days when headphones were just about sound. Say hello to the Dyson Zone™ – Dyson’s first venture into wearable tech that not only cancures out unwanted noise but also purifies the air you breathe. Perfect for New Yorkers trying to escape the recent forest fire smoke invasion, the Dyson Zone™ is the gadget gift that keeps on giving (and breathing).

What is the Dyson Zone?

The Dyson Zone™ is the world’s first set of air purifying headphones, a product six years and 500 prototypes in the making. Here’s how it works: tiny compressors in each earcup pull air through dual-layer filters and pump two streams of purified air right to your nose and mouth. No, this isn’t a sci-fi movie; this is pure Dyson engineering at its finest. All this happens without anything touching your face, thanks to a no-contact visor.

On top of the purification system, Dyson has also engineered the Zone™ to deliver high-quality, immersive audio and active noise cancellation. The noise cancellation tech isn’t just about drowning out your overly chatty coworker or the subway noise; it also minimizes the motor tones from the air purifying system itself. It’s like your personal force field of fresh air and crisp sound.

Key Features:

  • Advanced active noise cancelling
  • High-fidelity audio with ultra-low distortion
  • Air purification system, removing 99% of ultrafine pollutants
  • Non-contact visor to deliver purified air
  • Battery life of up to 50 hours (audio with ANC), 4 hours (purification + audio with ANC)
  • Connects to the MyDyson™ app for additional features

Who is it for?

The Dyson Zone™ is for those who value their health and their music equally. Whether you’re a city-dweller confronted with pollution and noise, or just someone looking to upgrade your headphone game, the Dyson Zone™ is worth a look. And if you’re one of the unfortunate New Yorkers who had to face the recent bad air quality due to the Canadian forest fires, these headphones might just become your new best friend.

Where can I buy it?

You can snag your own pair of Dyson Zone™ Air Purifying Headphones online or in-store at Dyson Demo Stores and on Dyson.com. Be sure to sign up for updates on their product page. Your purchase comes with a host of handy accessories, including a USB-C Charging Cable, a ‘Quarter Turn’ hard case, a Visor Sleeve, a Visor Cleaning Brush, and two Electrostatic Carbon Filters. These filters will need replacing over time, but don’t worry, the MyDyson™ App will let you know when it’s time.

So go ahead, give yourself the gift of fresh air and crystal clear sound. Remember, in a world where we can’t control much, we can still control what we breathe and what we listen to. Thanks to the Dyson Zone™, that’s a breath of fresh air (sigh).

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