Finger Chopsticks for Gamers

You know someone was going to come up with a solution for your friends leaving Cheeto dust all over your precious game controllers. These finger chopsticks by Snactiv allow you to eat any snack while handling controllers or keyboards, keeping your fingers free and clean. This way you can keep being charged up while focusing on your tasks.

How do These Finger Chopsticks Work?

The Snactiv finger chopsticks slide conveniently between your index finger and middle finger. When you want to take a cheeto or other snack from your bowl you simply squeeze your fingers together to grab it and put it in your mouth.

Now, just with regular chopsticks it will probably take you a while to master this to a point where it doesn’t distract you from your game or important task. But it beats wiping the grease or dust on your clothing or dirtying up your expensive accessories.

Finger Chopstick Features

  • Grippy grips to grab your snacks
  • Sleek, minimal design
  • BPA free
  • Can stand upright so it doesn’t contact any other surface
  • ergonomic slots for the index and middle finger
  • for users ages 14+

Where and When Can I Get These Finger Chopsticks?

The Snactiv chopsticks successfully launced on Kickstarter, reaching over 40K in pledges. The project is now close to reaching shipment to all of their backers.

In the meanwhile you can pre-order these finger chopsticks for gamers on the official Snactiv website. They’re available in a light mode or dark mode and will cost you a little over ten bucks. The estimated shipment at the time of writing is September 2021

Order the finger chopsticks on the official Snactiv website

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