Friends Central Perk Replica Sofa

Even though we’ve past some decades since Friends last aired on national TV, there’s still millions of fans of the sitcom arond the world. If you still carry a warm and fuzzy feeling whenever binge-watching the nineties show on Netflix, this replica Friends sofa from Central Perk might be the best furniture to do that on.

Is this the real Central Perk sofa? Is this just fantasy?

This couch is carefully crafted to be an exact replica of the most featured couch in TV history. It sports the burned orange colours and velvet exterior, as well as the signature fringe at the bottom.

the real set of Central Perk, including the center piece sofa

Where and when can I get the Friends Central Perk replica sofa?

You can get your hands on a replica Friends sofa from 1 December 2020. It’s exlusively sold via IWOOT (I want one of via the preorder link below. The price might make it an option for true Friends fans only, but there’s nothing quite like this sofa anywhere else.

Purchase the Central Perk replica sofa here

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