Gate Smart Lock

Smart locks and doorbells seem to be the hot smart home gadgets right now. Two former Google engineers went and created one of the better solutions called the Gate Smart Lock.

What is the Gate Smart Lock?

The Gate Smart Lock is an actual, full-fledged lock you can place on your door with some nifty added technology:


  • Motion-activated camera, similar to the Ring smart door bell
  • Integrated doorbell that calls to your phone
  • LED keypad to grant individuals access with a pincode
  • Wireless solution
  • Works with associated Gate app
  • Delivery Personnel Verification

The price for Gate may be hefty, but it has all the bells and whistles you could want for a device that protects the entrance to your house. Add to that the convenience of installation and it’s a winner of smart locks.

We applaud that there’s also a traditional backup with a traditional key that allows you to open the Gate Smart Lock in case technology gives out.

Where can I buy Gate Smart Lock?

You can buy the Gate Smart lock on the official website and it’s now also available for sale at Amazon.

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