GE Profile Smart Indoor Smoker

Bringing the authentic taste of wood-smoked cuisine right into your kitchen, the GE Profile Smart Indoor Smoker is a game-changer for food enthusiasts. Whether you’re in a cozy apartment or battling the chill of a colder climate, this innovative appliance ensures your taste buds are treated to a delightful smokey experience without triggering the smoke alarms.

Why Do I Need the GE Profile Smart Indoor Smoker?

Traditional smokers are often bulky, outdoor units that demand considerable space and emit heavy fumes. The GE Profile Smart Indoor Smoker revolutionizes this by providing a genuine smoke flavor to meats, vegetables, and even desserts, all within the convenience of your kitchen. This isn’t just a makeshift solution; it’s a fully-fledged smoker designed for indoor use. Priced at $999, it’s a substantial investment, but one that significantly lowers the barriers of space and complexity often associated with smoking food. For beginners, the ease of use is a standout feature, making the smoking process straightforward and enjoyable.


  • Little to no smell during operation
  • Deep, authentic smokey flavor
  • Easy cleanup with dishwasher-safe components
  • Efficient use of wood pellets and electricity
  • User-friendly interface with cooking presets
  • Active Smoke Filtration technology
  • Comprehensive guide and cookbook by pitmaster Dallas McGarity
  • Connectivity with GE Profile Connect+ app for remote monitoring and control
  • Capacity to smoke a wide range of foods including meats and vegetables
  • Auto warm feature keeping food safe for up to 24 hours

Who is the GE Profile Smart Indoor Smoker for?

This smoker is ideal for both aspiring and experienced pitmasters. Its compact size, akin to a mini-fridge, makes it a perfect fit for smaller living spaces, while its advanced features cater to the demands of seasoned smokers. The appliance can comfortably feed a group of four to six people, accommodating various food items such as a whole brisket, chicken, or up to 40 wings. It’s a great choice for those looking for restaurant-quality smoked food at home, and for city dwellers longing for the flavors of outdoor cookouts.

Where can I buy it?

Available in sleek designs, the GE Profile Smart Indoor Smoker can be purchased from various retailers. As a cutting-edge kitchen appliance, it offers a unique combination of convenience, capacity, and culinary excellence. You can buy the GE Profile Smart Indoor Smoker online via the link(s) below.

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