Giddel – a Robot That Cleans Your Toilet

With all the smart home appliances the toilet hasn’t been getting much love. The Giddel is a new robot that’s focused on the dirtiest task in your home, cleaning your toilet.

What is Giddel?

The Giddel toilet cleaning robot systematically cleans every inch of your toilet down to the exit, no matter the bowl shape. With the supplied attachments you can easily mount it to your existing toilet seat as soon as your toilet needs a good cleaning. Take it off the charging station, mount it to your toilet and press the button. Wait five minutes and your toilet is thoroughly cleaned. The Giddel operates without getting itself or anything around the toilet dirty or wet.

Check out the video below to see Giddel in action.

Where can I get the Giddel toilet cleaning robot?

You can purchase Giddel at the Altan Robotech website, Newegg or Amazon. Find a link below to purchase it online.

The price tag may be something to frown at, but there’s really no price to never cleaning a dirty toilet ever again. We’ll be happy to see more toilet cleaning appliances like this.

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