Kingdom Hearts III Edition Walkman

To celebrate the long awaited launch of Kingdom Hearts III on the PS4, Sony has decided to release a special, limited edition Kingdom Hearts III themed Walkman. This is a great way for audiophiles to show their love for the Disney adventure game.

A Walkman?

Yes, Sony revived the Walkman some time ago. The NW-A55 or Series A Walkman is a high fidelity, portable audio device that can take 16GB of high quality audio files. You’re able to listen up to 48 hours on a single battery charge, so it makes a perfect alternative for streaming music on your smartphone.

The Kingdom Hearts III edition features artwork on both the packaging and the grey body of the device of main character Sora sitting in a throne.

Next to this special edition Walkman, Sony is also releasing a Kingdom Hearts edition of their WH-H800 h.ear on 2 mini wireless headphones, which features a special print on the earcups.

Pricing and Availability

The Kingdom Hearts III walkman is now available for sale on the Sony Japan website for about $260.

Visit Sony Japan’s website

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