Kublet – Tiny Monitor to Look at Your Data

If your workspace is feeling a bit cluttered, or perhaps you’re just in the mood for some streamlined data viewing, there’s a nifty little gadget that might just be right up your alley. Let’s lift the lid on the Kublet Mini Desk Monitor, a bite-sized piece of tech that serves up a banquet of data.

What is this?

Imagine a cubed, tiny data goblin perched on your desk. This magical creature gobbles up all sorts of data and spits out neat, digestible chunks of information. That’s the Kublet Mini Desk Monitor in a nutshell.

While it won’t impress with its size (being no more than 1.6 inches wide), it makes up for it in versatility and utility. Imagine being able to check the weather, track crypto, or watch your Instagram follower count rise, all from one little box.


  • Compact Size: Measuring just 1.6 inches, it’s a cute little cube that can fit anywhere
  • Smart Design: Stackable Kublets to build your physical dashboard
  • Versatility: Tracks a vast array of data, from social stats to stock prices
  • Connectivity: Syncs to your phone over WiFi or BLE
  • Sleep Mode: Programmable sleep and start times
  • Security: Keeps your data within your local network
  • Open API and Ecosystem: Customize your Kublet to display what matters to you

Who is it for?

So, who needs a Kublet Mini Desk Monitor in their lives? Well, if you’re a business owner, stock trader, or influencer, Kublet may be your next favorite gadget. But in essence, it’s for anyone who needs a tidy, convenient solution for data monitoring.

Imagine having the power to see your business stats, track your stocks, or obsess over your social media growth, all from a device the size of a matchbox. Or perhaps you’re an aspiring programmer? You can create and share apps within the Kublet community, turning this gadget into a handy learning tool.

To get it up and running, it’s as simple as pick, click, and sync. Choose your preferred app and UI, configure your settings, sync your Kublet, and presto! You’re ready to dive into your data stream.

In a world where we are bombarded with information, the Kublet Mini Desk Monitor offers a tidier, cheekier way to stay in the loop. It’s a little cube of convenience, delivering a dose of data right when and where you need it. So go on, give your desk, and your day, a Kublet-sized boost. It’s data, but a dash more fun.

Where can I buy it?

The Kublet monitors are now available in a Kickstarter campaign for about a hundred bucks for the early birds. The devices are estimate to ship in November 2023 at the time of writing.

Get a Kublet on Kickstarter

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