Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit

Until there’s an official new Mario Kart 9, this innovative new take on Mario Kart will sure keep fans happy. Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit was just announced by Nintendo to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Super Mario. Home Circuit combines a set of real life RC karts with a brand new Mario Kart game on the Nintendo Switch.

Just as Nintendo Labo is combining real physical toys with the Switch, Mario Kart Live Home Circuit allows you to turn your living room or bedroom into a Mario Kart track.

How does it work?

With the game you can choose to either have a real toy kart with Mario or one with Luigi. The karts come equipped with a camera on top and respond to your Nintendo Switch controls. Push the joystick left and your kart goes left. Press the brakes and the real kart stops. In the meanwhile your Nintendo Switch screen shows what your kart’s camera is viewing.

Instead of virtual level designs, your house becomes the race track! It’s some nice use of augmented reality on your Switch.

Next to the kart and game cartridge you’ll also get some cardboard checkpoints and track guides, so you can design your own course. Design something that works for the space you have available.

Now, while your kart is going around your living room track, there are still virtual opponents to take on and weapons to collect and use. Instead of launching the kart across your house when you get hit (and hitting your cat), your real life kart just comes to a halt or slows down whenever you run into a shell or banana peel. On the opposite end, whenever you drive over a virtual boost your real kart also speeds up!

If you’re concerned about damaging any furniture you can use your own objects and obstacles to mark your course so you never can go off track. The game’s smart steering feature will also help you stay between bounds.

Multiplayer on Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit

If you want to do true multiplayer on Mario Kart Live, you’ll need to buy an additional game, kart and also a Nintendo Switch, which might make the game less attractive when you have only one Switch console in your house. We can imagine the greatest fun factor is taking on a friend with Home Circuit.


  • Control a real RC kart with Mario or Luigi
  • Race in an augmented version of your own room
  • Build your own track with the included, cardboard checkpoints
  • Play with up to 3 friends (each friend needs their own Switch)

You should really see the official announcement video of this game to get a better understanding of how awesome it is:

Where and when can I buy Mario Kart Live Home Circuit?

Mario Kart Live Home Circuit is being launched as part of Mario’s 35th anniversary.

The game is scheduled for a 16 October 2020 release. You can (pre-)order it on Amazon via the links below. You can choose between either a Mario or Luigi kart. The game will cost about 100 bucks.

Last update was on: January 6, 2024 12:03 pm
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