Mella Ready to Rise

The Mella Ready to Rise alarm clock is not just a timepiece but a comprehensive sleep training system for children. Its design and functionality are tailored to assist parents and kids in establishing a healthy sleep routine. Let’s delve into the features and benefits of this innovative product.

Why Do I Need Mella Ready to Rise?

Mella Ready to Rise is designed specifically with children’s sleep patterns in mind. Recognizing that children under eight often struggle to grasp the concept of time, Mella employs a combination of colors and facial expressions to indicate sleep and wake times. This method helps kids understand when to stay in bed and when it’s time to get up, potentially leading to better sleep for both children and parents.

At the set sleep time, Mella ‘goes to sleep’ with your child, displaying a sleeping facial expression. This visual cue encourages children to remain in bed. Half an hour before the wake time, Mella changes to a playful expression with a yellow light, signaling quiet playtime until it turns green for waking up. The wake-up time is greeted with a smiling face and a green light, indicating the start of a new day. These simple yet effective indicators make Mella a unique sleep trainer.


  • Six different night light colors
  • Three sound options including white noise, ocean, and lullaby
  • Optional alarm clock with three child-friendly alarm sounds
  • Timer for naps, playtime, or time-outs
  • Child lock to prevent setting disruptions
  • Technical specifications like child-safe ABS material, LED lights, four brightness and volume settings, and more

Who is Mella Ready to Rise for?

Mella is ideal for parents with young children, especially those under eight who are developing their understanding of time and routine. It’s also great for kids who have trouble sleeping through the night or waking up too early. The engaging design and interactive features of Mella make it a fun and educational tool for children, aiding in their development of good sleep habits.

Where can I buy it?

Mella Ready to Rise comes in an attractive package, reflecting its careful design and thoughtful features. It is available for purchase online, offering ease and convenience for busy parents.

You can buy Mella Ready to Rise online via the link(s) below.

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