NES Classic Mini

Look. At. This. Little. Thing.

This right here is an instant buy for almost all the eighties kids. Nintendo might be taking a risk with their upcoming Switch console in 2017, but with the reissue of their classic console in pocket format they’ve struck gold.

It’s the Nintendo Entertainment System built for 2016

  • It’s very small and portable
  • It has an HDMI port
  • It runs off of USB power
  • Controllers connect through USB
  • Extra controllers for your friends cost nothing
  • It comes with 30(!) games built-in

Those 30 games that come with it?

Balloon Fight[a] 1985 Nintendo
Castlevania 1986 Konami
Donkey Kong 1986[b] Nintendo
Double Dragon II: The Revenge[a] 1989[b] Arc System Works[c]
Dr. Mario[a] 1990 Nintendo
Excitebike 1984 Nintendo
Galaga 1988[b] Bandai Namco
Ghosts ‘n Goblins 1986[b] Capcom
Gradius 1986[b] Konami
Ice Climber[a] 1985 Nintendo
Kirby’s Adventure 1993 Nintendo
Mario Bros. 1983[b] Nintendo
Mega Man 2 1989 Capcom
Metroid 1986 Nintendo
Ninja Gaiden 1988 Koei Tecmo
Pac-Man 1984[b] Bandai Namco
Super C[a] 1990[b] Konami
Super Mario Bros. 1985 Nintendo
Super Mario Bros. 2[d] 1988 Nintendo
Super Mario Bros. 3 1988 Nintendo
The Legend of Zelda 1986 Nintendo
Zelda II: The Adventure of Link 1987 Nintendo

(thanks Wikipedia!)

Sure, you’ll miss the nostalgia of blowing dust off of the cartridges to get your games working, but this is like a little time capsule carrying all those days you spend trying to beat these near-impossible games.

If I’d have to name one downside it’s the short cables on the controller. I don’t want to sit 1 inch away from my TV Nintendo!


Check out this price:


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