Pokénatomy – See the Inside of Any Pokémon

This special Pokémon gift is as disturbing as it is cool. Someone created a real encyclopedia of the anatomy of famous Pokémon. If you’ve always wanted to know what’s inside a Charmander or any of the 151 original Pokémon, now is your chance!

What the Heck…

Pokénatomy is the brain child of Christopher Stoll who studied biology and veterinary science. He combined his study with his love of Pokémon to create this leather-bound, over-300-page book with detailed drawings and descriptions of your favorite Pokémon.

The book’s creator originally launched the book in a Kickstarter campaign back in 2017, in which it raked in nearly $35,000.

I need this, where can I buy it?

The Pokénatomy is luckily still being sold on Etsy by MultiverseBooks, via the link below. You can choose for the hardcover or leather-bound edition. It dispatches between 3-5 days at the time of writing.

Get it for yourself or any other Pokémon-loving friend!

Buy Pokénatomy on Etsy or Amazon via the link below:

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