Professor Einstein – the Personal Science Tutor Robot

Hanson Robotics created a cool but kinda creepy Albert Einstein robot doll that can teach kids math and science. It has an educational Alexa on board and carries a lot of facial expressions.

Professor Einstein connects with a companion Stein-O-Matic Android or iOS app over Wifi and sports the following:

  • 9 Total Motors, 5 in his face alone (allows for cool facial expressions)
  • Voice-Recognition Technology & Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Embedded Speaker in his chest
  • Directional Sound Sensors
  • Sound Dampening Technology
  • Voice Box & Speaker
  • NPL: Natural Language Processor
  • Infrared Sensors in his Feet
  • Camera Mounted Sensor
  • Rechargeable Battery Operated; Charger Included (about 3 hours on a single charge)

You can play brain games, ask questions or do simple chit-chat with Einstein.
Check out the rundown of features in this video:

You can keep Einstein up to date with software. Don’t let any hacker near it though, it’s creepy enough as is 😛

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