This is E Ink on steroids.

Ever since the Kindle came out I was fascinated by the technology that made it feel like you’re reading off of paper. Over the years the technology has grown mature resulting in high-res, crisp, black on white screens.

The YotaPhone is a good example of making E Ink more useful than just reading books, but the reMarkable takes it further.

Adding digitizer technology, the reMarkable allows you to use a pen (which looks almost identical to the Apple Pencil) to draw, write or annotate directly on your E Ink display. The delay of translating your pen movements to digital strokes or text seems to be very small as demonstrated in the product video.

With its single purpose being to replace actual paper the reMarkable seems a useful tool for designers, readers or office people that weren’t tempted yet to replace their trusty note- or sketchbooks with a digital equivalent. Toting a lengthy battery life and a focused experience this device might just be able to convert the dying breed of paper people.


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