Sonos In-Wall Speakers

Sonos collaborated with architectural speaker specialist Sonance to create a new set of passive, in-wall Sonos speakers which blend into your interior and are the perfect stereo companion for your television.

Sonos In-Wall Speakers

Just like your other Sonos speakers these in-wall speakers adjust to the environment they’re placed in when connected to your Sonos amp, using the Trueplay tuning technology. You’ll get the unparalleled Sonos sound in a design that’s intended to disappear. The special speaker grills can be painted in the color of your walls for further camouflaging.

As part of the Architectural speaker release you can also buy a pair of ceiling speakers with an equally small sized footprint.

Pricing and Availability

A pair of the new In-Wall Architectural speakers from Sonos + Sonance can be pre-ordered on the Sonos website for about 600 bucks, via the link below. The speakers have a release date of February 26, 2019.

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