Your customly molded in-ear headphones for an affordable price.

As an audio nut I’ve lusted a while now over the customly molded in-ear headphones professional artists use. You can achieve no better isolation and fit than having your IEM (in-ear monitor) fitted to your own ears.

A company like Logitech offers custom in-ear headphones like this, but you’d have to pay a visit to a local audiologist to measure your ears and shell out more than $1000 to get one of their Ultimate Ears products. While this a no-brainer when it comes to quality it’s definitely not feasible for artists and music lovers on a budget.

SoundMolds has a solution for this. They’ve introduced an affordable do-it-yourself ear molding kit that will save you a trip to an audiologist.

You’ll receive their EarPrint Impression Kit which contains a paste you can jam in your ears to create an impression. You’ll send this impression back to SoundMolds and in three weeks time you’ll receive your customly shaped in-ear headphones.

You can choose between wired / wireless versions of SoundMolds’s earphones (powered by Optoma Nuforce) or have just the tips sent over to attach to your own favorite in-ear monitors (that support interchangeable tips).

The first experience people have with the SoundMolds are pretty positive and the price can definitely not be beat. A solid audio quality and isolation and no more falling out or hurting earbuds.

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