Starbucks Cat Paw Double Glass

In 2019, Starbucks introduced a limited edition cat paw glass in China, which collectors went crazy over. These double glasses might be nearly impossible to clean by hand (and too delicate for the dishwasher), but boy do they look nice when you’re drinking from them.

After initial cat paw glass stock emptied in record time (there were only a 1000 sold per day), there were quite some sellers popping up on market places still being able to sell those double glasses.

Lucky for you, you can still purchase a non-official cat paw double glass in 2020. And it’s much cheaper than the initial 40 bucks Starbucks was selling it for. If you find a cat paw too cute, this seller also allows you to select Thanos’ gauntlet as your double glass option. Handle with care!

Buy the cat paw glass on eBay.

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