Supoon – the Versatile Kitchen Spoon

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Just by replacing some plain old kitchen utensils here and there you can dramatically improve the joy of cooking.

The Supoon by Dreamfarm is one such example. It’s like a swiss army kni.. spoon in your kitchen.

What is a Supoon?

The Supoon is a kitchen spoon with a squeegee texture and remarkable design that does the following:

  • It can scrape with its silicone sides
  • It can scoop
  • It can serve
  • It allows you to measure teaspoon / eating spoons
  • It keeps your counter clean with its smart handle

And don’t worry about the material as its dishwasher safe, heat resistant and safe for non-stick cookware.

Where can I buy the Supoon?

The Supoon is for sale on Dreamfarm’s website or Amazon. Seeing the many different ways you can use the Supoon it doesn’t hurt just buying a few for your kitchen. There’s also a cute mini Supoon you can buy from Dreamfarm for scraping empty that jar of Nutella. Thank us later!

Last update was on: November 20, 2020 9:13 am
Supoon – the Versatile Kitchen Spoon
Supoon – the Versatile Kitchen Spoon
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