Supoon – the Versatile Kitchen Spoon

Just by replacing some plain old kitchen utensils here and there you can dramatically improve the joy of cooking.

The Supoon by Dreamfarm is one such example. It’s like a swiss army kni.. spoon in your kitchen.

What is a Supoon?

The Supoon is a kitchen spoon with a squeegee texture and remarkable design that does the following:

  • It can scrape with its silicone sides
  • It can scoop
  • It can serve
  • It allows you to measure teaspoon / eating spoons
  • It keeps your counter clean with its smart handle

And don’t worry about the material as its dishwasher safe, heat resistant and safe for non-stick cookware.

Where can I buy the Supoon?

The Supoon is for sale on Dreamfarm’s website or Amazon. Seeing the many different ways you can use the Supoon it doesn’t hurt just buying a few for your kitchen. There’s also a cute mini Supoon you can buy from Dreamfarm for scraping empty that jar of Nutella. Thank us later!

Last update was on: January 10, 2024 8:31 am
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