Sweatpants You Can Wear to Work

Public Rec Apparel has created what they call the ALL DAY EVERY DAY PANT. These are sweatpants that are more stylish than your regular grey sweatpants, yet more comfortable than wearing jeans. To increase the comfort you can also pick a waist size that fits you best. Add to that the deep pockets (no phones dropping under your car seat, am I right?) and ultra stretchy material and this might be the perfect pants I’ve ever seen. I’m going to order a few in one of the many colors available!


  • Elastic waistband with internal drawstring for maximum comfort
  • Two front zipper pockets, deep enough to secure your valuables
  • Faux front fly for a more formal look
  • Tapered bottoms for a smart finish
  • Two generous back pockets for your wallet and accessories

Where can I get the ALL DAY EVERY DAY PANTS?

The ALL DAY EVERY DAY sweatpants are available on Public Rec Apparel’s website: Click here

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