Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators

Teenage Engineering, well known for its OP-1 synthesizer released a set of retro-inspired pocket synths called Pocket Operators a while ago.

The Pocket Operators look live a lovechild from Texas Instruments and the Game & Watch series from Nintendo.

Whether or not you’re making music these things are very fun to play with, cheap and make for a great gift for anyone into gadgets.

What’s in the box?

  • One Pocket Operator
PO-12 rhythm: drum machine
PO-14 sub: bass line synth
PO-16 factory: lead synth
PO-20 arcade: arcade synth
PO-24 office: office noices
PO-28 robot: live synth
PO-32 tonic: interacts with microtonic vst


  • 16-step sequencer
  • 16 patterns
  • parameter locks
  • built-in speaker
  • 3.5mm audio I/O
  • jam sync
  • animated LCD display
  • folding stand
  • clock + alarm clock
  • battery powered (2XAAA)
  • 1 month battery life
  • 2 year standby time

Sold separately:

  • a silicone case to cover op the Pocket Operator’s nakedness


  • a mini synch cable to synch up different Pocket Operators


What does it do?

A synth post isn’t a synth post without linking to a Cuckoo video. With his soothing voice and catchy melodies he makes many musicians drool over the products he’s demonstrating, including the PO’s.

Here’s an Ed Sheeran cover on the Pocket Operators:

And here’s the obligatory knockout from Red Means Recording:

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