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The T-shirt is a staple in every man’s closet. A plain, well fitting T-shirt would be my desert island apparel of choice. Danish company Son of a Tailor got it right by offering carefully crafted, custom fitted(!) t-shirts. Adding a Merino wool option just makes this your best option if you’re looking for a Merino Wool T-shirt.

Son of a Tailor created a special algorithm where, by filling in your height, weight, age and shoe size (yes, shoe size) you can get a perfectly fitted shirt. If you want you can even further define a custom fit by specifying a fit preference (regular, loose or fitted) for each part of your shirt. Choose a sleeve and neck type and get some custom initials embroidered on the lower left hem if you want to.

They even go as far as giving you a perfect fit guarantee


Son of a Tailor Merino Wool Shirt

The regular shirts are already made of a fine grade cotton, but Son of a Tailor really won me over by adding Merino wool to their offers. If you didn’t know yet Merino wool it’s one of the most recent advancements in clothing fabrics. While it feels like cotton, Merino wool is lighter and thinner than cotton and doesn’t accumulate body odor so you can wear this for days without the T-shirt going bad.

Furthermore, Merino wool insulates very well so it keeps you cool in hot summer and warm in the winter.

Son of a Tailor’s Merino Wool T-shirt comes in a few colors: Black, Asphalt (Grey) and Navy Blue.

The price may come in as hefty, but it’s one of the rare options you have for buying a Merino T-shirt that perfectly fits your body. This is a T-shirt that should go in every man’s suitcase.

Where do I get this T-Shirt?

You can get our favorite Merino wool T-shirt on Create an account to store your customly fitted sizes. Discounts kick in buying 2 shirts or more. You’ll never want a mass produced T-shirt anymore after trying one of these, I promise.

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