Warblr – a Week of Fresh, Colorful Socks

I like having colorful socks. There’s no reason to walk around in dull, cheap socks. Happy Socks are a great brand, but I can’t afford a pair of happy socks every time. Warblr (what?) has a great, alternative offer if you fancy colorful socks like I do, but don’t want to pay a premium price.

You’ll get seven pairs of high quality, unisex socks for less than ten bucks per pair. Each pair is made of 75% cotton fiber, 20% Polyamide and 5% Elastane, sourced from the same factory as Happy Socks.

Pricing and Availability

Warblr’s seven pair of socks will cost you $69 bucks, including worldwide delivery. You’ll get a full refund if the socks don’t arrive to your doorstep in thirty days.

Buy the socks at getwarblr.com

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