A Card Sized Tetris Game

We’re sucker for innovative ways to play the best game of all time; Tetris. This time it’s a credit-card-sized, fully working game of Tetris powered by Arduboy, the miniature 8-bit system. Just shove this Tetris card in your wallet for emergencies. Whenever your phone battery dies take out the card and switch the game on.

You’ll have this backup game of Tetris to hold you over until the next phone charge.

Tetris Game Card Back

Card Sized Tetris Game Features

  • Brilliant OLED display in portrait layout for optimal Tetris game play.
  • Super durable construction featuring six control buttons and mute switch.
  • USB rechargeable with six hours of battery life.
  • Switch the sound on or off
  • Controls for rotating blocks 2 ways, fast drop, slow drop

There’s always a scientifically proved reason why it never hurts to carry around a game of Tetris at all times. It’s for your own safety.

Pricing and Availability

The card sized game of Tetris is an ideal gift for 8-bit gaming nostalgics (like myself). You can buy it for around fifty bucks from Arduboy or Amazon, via the link below:

Amazon Amazon.com
Last update was on: January 13, 2024 9:30 am
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