Soundbrenner Core – a Smartwatch for Musicians

There are countless app for tuning your guitar or that serve as a metronome to keep a tight timing on your music performance. Even smartwatches are slowing growing into tools musicians can use. The Soundbrenner Core takes it a bit further. It has all the tools you need as a musician with better performance and reliability than a smartphone app.

What can the Soundbrenner Core do?

This smartwatch for musicians features 4 distinct features:

  • Vibrating metronome
  • Instrument tuner
  • Decibel meter
  • Regular (smart)watch (including notification features)

The metronome is probably the Soundbrenner’s most appealing feature. You can set a bpm and time signature and a strong vibration (much stronger than your Apple Watch) will make it easy to stay in synch with a track’s tempo.

The Soundbrenner also makes it possible to detach it from your wrist and attach it easily to a guitar if you decide to tune it.

Check out the promo video below:

You’re able to choose between two models. The Soundbrenner Core which is made of polycarbonate and aluminum and The Soundbrenner Core steel, made of stainless steel and Italian leather. Both run three days on a battery charge and are splash proof.

Where can I get the Soundbrenner Core Musician’s Watch?

This project was already successfully funded on Indiegogo, pulling in over half a million dollars.

You can still order your watch starting from $179 and have it shipped to you in March 2019

Order the Soundbrenner Core on Indiegogo

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