Atari Pong Coffee Table

It took ages for me to settle on my current, boring coffee tables at home. Had I known of the existence of this Atari Pong coffee table the choice would’ve been way easier. This coffee table features a real life, mechanical version of the Atari video game classic from 1972.

What is this coffee table?

Made by the Table Pong Project, this retro looking Pong coffee table features the classic Pong game, complete with arcade buttons and real life paddles that allow two players to go head to head. The game is brought to life by some advanced mechanical engineering and a magnet drives the Pong ball and paddles across the table under the hood. You can adjust the speed and play modes to your preference.

The table features a retro digital clock, colorful LED lights and the bleeps and bloops reminiscing of the classic video game era. If you want to just put on some music while playing, the built-in Bluetooth speaker makes that possible as well.

When you’re done playing a game of Pong, you can close the sides and the table will almost be a regular, spill-free coffee table. A built-in demo mode can automatically showcase a game of Pong without any one controlling it.

Pong Coffee Table Features

  • Mechanical version of Pong
  • For 1 or 2 Players
  • Three speed modes: Easy, Normal and Expert
  • 6 Built-in USB chargers
  • LED clock and lights
  • Bluetooth speaker for in-game sounds and music (controllable)
  • Spill-proof and sealed
  • Width: 71cm / 28in
  • Length: 121cm / 47.6in
  • Height: 49cm / 19.2in

Where can I get the Pong Coffee Table?

This will look great in any male bachelor crib if you can afford it. People not living in the US can get a custom quote to get the table shipped over.

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