Bamboo Tofu Press

Draining tofu is pretty much an art or science, depending how you look at it. You don’t want to exceed force and ruin your tofu, yet you don’t want too much moisture to stay in the tofu before preparing it. Dried tofu will result in a crispier and firmer texture when you eat it. If you’re serious about having tofu being your meat replacement, we believe having a tofu press will ease your life in the kitchen. Just like a rice cooker will turn your rice more delicious, a tofu press will bring out the best of your tofu. This bamboo tofu press by Yarkor will drain any tofu you throw at it.

How does it work?

This bamboo tofu press contains two, large bamboo plates on which you can place your tofu. Make sure your tofu block is firm enough to have pressure applied.

Then, you place the two large, stainless steel screws between the two plates and you tighten the finger screws, simultaneously, as much as possible. The excess water will slowly go into the drip tray and after fifteen minutes you’ll have a proper block of tofu, ready for preparation.

It’s advised to treat the bamboo with a bit of oil every now and then, to prevent splitting. Also note that you can’t place this tofu press in your dishwasher. You can simply rinse it with some water and soap to clean it before your next use.


  • 7.1″ x 3.35″ pressing space
  • Suitable for most, firm blocks of tofu
  • eco-friendly material (bamboo)
  • tofu drained in 15 minutes
  • clean with warm water and non-harsh cleaning products

Check out the video below to see this tofu press in action.

Where can I buy this tofu press?

You can get the Yarkor tofu press for about 25 bucks from Amazon, via the link below (with or without spatula)

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