TickrMeter; a Desktop Ticker for Your Favorite Stock or Crypto

Many people caught on to the retail hype in stock trading at the start of the year, when stonks only went up. If you’re still around and actively trading, but want a quick break from being glued to your 12 daytrading monitors, the TickrMeter might be a good gadget. This is a tiny hardware ticker synched to the realtime price of a single stock or crypto coin. Configure multiple of these meters to show your portfolio’s performance and you’ll have some peace of mind while navigating through your house.

How does the TickrMeter work?

Essentially, the TickrMeter is a tiny, e-ink powered display that only has a single purpose: displaying the realtime price of any forex, crypto or stock ticker.

There’s a small light displaying in green or red whenever a ticket is going up or down in price.

You can have the Tickrmeter cycle over multiple stocks of your choosing, by using an associated mobile app to configure a playlist. Additionally, you can set a comparison timeframe so you can see the change in a day, week, month or year.

If you’re keen on using alerts whenever your assets hit a target price, you can also configure this in the app. The TickrMeter will transmit an alert when it happens so you know it’s time to buy the dip or trim your profit.

Ideally, you’ll want to have multiple TickrMeters, since they’re easily stackable and chainable, with their built-in magnets.


  • E-ink display
  • Wifi powered
  • Display realtime (20ms delay) price of a stock, crypto or forex
  • Cycle over multiple tickers
  • Define a time range
  • Set price alerts
  • Stack and chain multiple Tickrmeters

Where can I buy the TickrMeter?

The Tickrmeter project is in development from Denmark right now and has reached its funding goal multiple times over.

You can buy one or packs of multiple via their Indiegogo and have the TickrMeter shipped in November 2021.

Click here to order the TickrMeter on Indiegogo

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