BLACK 4.0 – The Blackest Paint in the Universe

BLACK 4.0 – Introducing the ultimate in ultrablack paint technology. Stuart Semple’s BLACK 4.0 is the latest innovation in black paints, promising to be the darkest and most effective black paint ever created. Ideal for artists, photographers, and tech enthusiasts, this paint absorbs an astonishing 99.95% of visible light, outperforming its predecessors and competitors.

Why Do I Need BLACK 4.0?

BLACK 4.0 is not just a paint; it’s a revolution in color and light absorption. Created by artist Stuart Semple, it’s designed to address the limitations of earlier ultrablack paints like Vantablack, which, while incredibly black, were delicate, complex to apply, and not widely available. BLACK 4.0, on the other hand, is easily accessible and offers unmatched performance. It absorbs a record-breaking 99.95% of visible light, making it the closest you can get to total light absorption in a paint.

Its visual effects are remarkable. Objects coated in BLACK 4.0 under indoor lighting can appear to have no surface texture, resembling a near-featureless black void. This effect can make objects on a BLACK 4.0 coated surface seem to vanish, as it eliminates the usual reflections and shadows that define 3D geometry.

Moreover, BLACK 4.0 has undergone significant usability improvements. A single coat is often sufficient, and the paint is more stable, durable, and easier to use compared to previous versions. This is due to a new formulation of the paint’s “super-base” resin and a refined production process.


  • Absorbs 99.95% of visible light
  • Creates visually stunning effects
  • Improved usability with single coat application
  • More stable and durable than previous versions
  • Suitable for various applications including art, photography, and technology

Who is BLACK 4.0 for?

BLACK 4.0 is a versatile paint that appeals to a wide range of users. It’s perfect for artists seeking to create deep, absorbing visuals in their artwork. Photographers will find it invaluable for creating ultra-black backdrops, enhancing the contrast and depth in their photos. Tech enthusiasts, particularly in astronomy and photography, will appreciate how BLACK 4.0 can prevent light leaks and enhance the performance of telescopes and cameras.

Where can I buy it?

BLACK 4.0 is available in various sizes, catering to different needs and projects. You can choose from small 150 ml bottles to large 1-liter and 6-liter bulk containers. While BLACK 4.0 is robust, it’s not recommended for long-term outdoor use, but it’s perfect for indoor and controlled environments. No special application methods are required; it can be applied using brushes, rollers, or airbrushes.

The first batches of BLACK 4.0 are now available, and given its unique capabilities and high demand, it’s advisable to act quickly if you want to secure some for yourself. It’s a premium product, reflecting its status as the world’s best ultra-black paint.

You can buy BLACK 4.0 online via the link(s) below.

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