EcoFlow Glacier

The EcoFlow Glacier marks a revolution in portable refrigeration, blending the convenience of a cooler with the technology of a high-end refrigerator. This groundbreaking product is more than just a container for your food and drinks; it’s a portable fridge/freezer combo that maintains your items at a precise temperature, no matter where your adventures take you.

Why Do I Need EcoFlow Glacier?

The EcoFlow Glacier is a game-changer for outdoor enthusiasts, campers, and anyone needing reliable off-grid refrigeration. Unlike traditional coolers that simply slow down the warming process of their contents, the Glacier actively cools and even freezes, ensuring that your food and drinks remain fresh and cold. It’s similar in size to an ice chest and features two compartments with a removable divider, offering flexible storage options. The built-in icemaker is a standout feature, capable of making ice in just 18 minutes – a function not even found in many household fridges. The unit must be connected to an AC power source or contain its charged battery to operate the icemaker.

Unique to the Glacier is its ability to run on a removable battery pack, allowing for over a day of cooling in Eco Mode if pre-cooled and plugged in. This feature is particularly useful for extended trips where access to constant power is limited. It’s also equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, enabling you to monitor and adjust settings without physically accessing the fridge.

Another key aspect of the Glacier is its vacuum-sealed insulation. Unlike traditional coolers filled with insulating foam, the Glacier uses vacuum pockets to effectively maintain temperature, making it lighter and more eco-friendly. This superior insulation kept food cool for over a day even after the unit’s controls failed in a user’s experience, demonstrating its reliability and efficiency.


  • Two compartments with flexible storage options and a removable divider
  • Built-in icemaker capable of making ice in 18 minutes
  • Removable battery pack for over a day of cooling in Eco Mode
  • Bluetooth connectivity for remote monitoring and control
  • Vacuum-sealed insulation for efficient temperature maintenance
  • Wheels and a telescoping handle for easy transportation
  • Sturdy construction, suitable for sitting and standing on

Who is EcoFlow Glacier for?

The EcoFlow Glacier is ideal for a wide range of users. It’s perfect for campers and outdoor adventurers who want to keep their food and drinks cold during extended trips away from traditional power sources. It’s also a great choice for people living off-grid, such as in remote cabins or on boating trips, as well as for those who enjoy tailgating or participating in outdoor events. The Glacier’s portability and battery-powered operation make it a versatile choice for anyone needing reliable, mobile refrigeration.

Where can I buy it?

While EcoFlow has not yet announced specific pricing, it’s expected to be a premium product, comparable to high-end portable refrigerators like the Furrion eRove. The EcoFlow Glacier will be an essential investment for those requiring robust, portable cooling solutions, especially for extended off-grid experiences or long-term stays in places without power. Whether you’re camping, boating, or embarking on an RV adventure, the Glacier provides unparalleled cooling capabilities.

You can buy the EcoFlow Glacier online via the link(s) below.

EF ECOFLOW GLACIER Portable Car Refrigerator with Extra Battery, 40Qt(38L) Electric Cooler with Ice Maker, Dual Zone WIFI APP Control(-13℉~50℉),...

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