I first saw Spikeball (or Roundnet) on a TikTok with people playing the game in a park. It’s a volleyball-inspired, 2 vs 2 outdoor game, where the aim is to make the ball hit the net / trampoline in the middle of the field in a way where your opponents can not return it. Just like volleyball you’re allowed three touches before the ball should hit the net. It’s an intense, but fun game that’s a great workout as well as you frantically run around the net while making incredible dives to save the ball.

What is Spikeball and how do I play it?

Spikeball was first known as Roundnet and developed by Jeff Knurek in 1989. In 2008 Spikeball Inc. picked up the game and started making professional equipment for it, so the name slowly translated into Spikeball and is right now gaining popularity. The first world championship was held last year in Belgium.

Just like volleyball, you start the game with a serve to the opposing team, the teams position themselves like a diamond around the net. After the first contact, everyone is free to move around the net to be able to hit the ball. There’s a lot of strategy involved in positioning yourself in the right way so that you’re able to return (difficult) bounces from the net. You’re only allowed to touch the ball, so no lifting, catching or throwing.

You must alternate touches (also like Volleyball) between you and your partner, so double hits are not allowed either.

To play, all you need is a small trampoline-like object with string netting and a bouncing ball with 12-inch circumference.

Who is Spikeball for?

Spikeball is great for a group of friends (it promotes mixed-gender playing) that want to play a fun and active game while out in the park.

There’s really no taking it easy with Spikeball so be prepared to break out a sweat when taking on another team.

Where can I buy a Spikeball set?

The official Spikeball sets can be purchased on Amazon via the link below.

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