ENERQI, Hidden Wireless Charging

Wireless charging is definitely a step up from plugging a wire in your phone. But still, you have something in sight, with a wire attached. How we all wish charging was a thing of the past. The ENERQi campaign that launched on Indiegogo promises to bring you one step closer to an invisible charging solution.

What is ENERQI?

ENERQi is a wireless charger that you mount under your desk, table or any other surface using its adhesive or a set of screws. The charging is so powerful that you can simply lay your phone on top of the table to charge it.

To be more specific, the ENERQI can charge over a distance of 40mm / 1.57 inch.

This charger is compatible with the latest iPhone and Samsung phones as well as various other smartphones on the market now.

Next to the regular ENERQi charger, there’s also a smaller and lighter version available called the ENERQi Nano. This unit will still reach 15mm so is perfectly suitable for small tables or nightstands.


Pricing and Availability

The ENERQi and ENERQi Nano are available via Indiegogo through an already successfully funded campaign. Order this invisible charger via the link below.

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