Experience Tube Scarf

The Experience Tube is a special scarf that’s more like a tube made of fabric. You’re supposed to stick a face in either end so you can have some undistracted, real-life interaction with another person. It’s a nod to people only seeing each other virtual on Facetime or Zoom meetings nowadays. The Experience Tube is made and fabricated by Meow Wolf in the USA and comes with a pair of wristbands when you buy one.

What is this weird scarf?

The experience tube at Santa Fe’s Zocalo

The Experience Tube is certainly an eye-catching piece of fabric and will result in some good old traditional, offline fun at get-togethers. It’s made from rayon and measures over a meter long when stretched. Since there is no default way to wear it it’s both suitable for kids and adults.

Where can I buy one?

The Experience Tube along with other popping apparel is available on the Meow Wolf website, via the link below. It’s available in 4 different colors:

  • Sea Blue/Eggplant (lengthwise stripe)
  • Golden Yellow/Red (crosswise stripe)
  • The Long Wavelength Array (lengthwise stripe)
  • Triple3 Elliptical Optical Option (crosswise stripe)

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