Extreme Heat Resistant Gloves

Now this is one of the most badass gifts you can get for a man. And I’m talking a traditional manly man that enjoys spending time making a fire above a fire pit or preparing food on a hot coal barbecue. And that man doesn’t want to burn his hands on some puny coals of course. That’s why that man needs a pair of trusty gloves to be able to master the heat and heavy fires he withstands daily.

What is this sorcery?

These extreme heat resistant gloves can resist temperatures of up to a whopping 932°F (that’s 500°C). They’re made of Aramid fibers which brings firefighter-grade quality and protection. Thick, extended sleeves make it so you don’t burn your forearms having only your hands protected.

This one-size-fits-all pair of gloves contain silicone strips for extra grip so they work perfect as oven mitts. The cotton is machine washable as well so you don’t have to throw them away because they’re getting too dirty.

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