Wooden Bike

If you think you own a hip bike I’m sure it doesn’t sport a wooden frame. Materia bikes are known for crafting elegant wooden bikes that you can purchase at a premium price.

Why would I buy a wooden bike?

wood bike why
You might think why in the world you’d want to own a wooden bike. I had the same doubts. Sure, wood may look pretty but how durable would it be. Wouldn’t your bike snap like a twig at the first sharp turn you attempt?

Here’s how Materia Bikes clarifies the choice for wood:

  • Wood is a great absorber, four times better than general bike frame material such as carbon.
  • Wood can deliver the ideal balance of stiffness and smoothness suiting the type of bike
  • The wooden bike frames are lightweight, but damage tolerant

Materia Bikes goes through an elaborate building and testing process to ensure their bikes meet safety standards.

Materia wooden bike features

Materia bikes offers several models for different bike riders. You can choose from city bikes, urban bikes or race bikes. Each bike has the following features:

  • 2.5 kg wooden frame
  • Handcrafted
  • Puncture protected tires
  • 5-year warranty

Buy a wooden bike: Materia bikes

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