Galaxy Z Flip 3

I really don’t need a new phone, but the recently launched updates to Samsung’s foldable phones makes it really hard to sit on my hands. The Galaxy Z Flip 3 combines the best of the flip phone era with modern day touch screen goodness. The folding mechanism has improved over its predecessors (the original and 5G Flip) and the Flip 3 moved its price point to be more affordable for the average phone owner, finally.

What is the Galaxy Z Flip 3?

In some way, the Flip 3 reminds me of my Gameboy Advance SP, which I always loved dearly for its form factor.

The Flip 3 has a foldable touch screen, making it compact and flexible when you want to. The hinges are covered by high grade aluminium, making it more durable than the original Flip. Speaking about durability, the front and back cover are made of the toughest gorilla glass available in the market today.

You can fold the Flip 3 fully and put it in your (smaller) pocket without effort. The new exterior screen allows you to still stay on top of important notifications or allow you to have basic control over your apps (think your Spotify).

You can unfold it fully and it looks like a general touchscreen smartphone and then there’s Flex mode.

With Flex mode you’re able to fold your Flip 3 open half-way in the best angle. This position makes it ideal to shoot a selfie or have a video call, while having your hands free or propping your phone up against something else. When you’re shooting with the back camera, the additional screen can even show a small preview of your picture.

The Flip 3 is the only foldable phone with a IPX8 water resistance rating. This means the Flip 3 can withstand being in 1.5 metres of water for about 30 minutes.

Features / specifications

  • 5G
  • 5nm processor
  • 8GB RAM
  • Compact Form Factor
  • Additional cover screen
  • Flex Mode

Check out the launch video for the Fold3 and Flip 3 5G below.

Just when I thought Believer was being phased out from commercials

Where can I buy the Galaxy Z Flip 3?

With its new price point, the new foldable phones from Samsung might actually become an alternative to smaller flaghship phones from other brands (such as the iPhone SE). And now that the Flip doesn’t suffer from the weaknesses from the first generation foldable phones, this looks like a very attractive smartphone for 2021.

You can choose from a variety of beautiful Flip 3 colors, such as Cream, Lavender and Pink.

The Flip 3 is available with all major retailers and carriers from 27 August, 2021. Order it on Amazon via the link below to have it delivered when it comes out.

$749.29 $899.99 in stock
2 new from $749.29
3 used from $624.97
Last update was on: January 12, 2024 12:40 am

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