SpyraTwo – World’s Strongest Water Gun

If you thought there wasn’t a step up from the classic nineties Super Soaker water gun, think again. The SpyraTwo takes modern technology and applies it to the age old concept of a water gun. What you’ll get is a rechargeable water gun that can shoot 22 strong, semi-automatic water bursts up to 30ft, making it more like a hydro cannon. This is definitely the Super Soaker of 2021, making you the king of the pool.

What is the SpyraTwo?


SpyraTwo is the successor to the SpyraOne, a Kickstarter project which aimed to make the world’s greatest water gun. It was a successfully funded project where many adults refound the joy of water fights and it was only a matter of time for a version 2 would be announced.

The SpyraTwo is unique in the fact that you’re not shooting a single stream of water. The water comes out in 3 short bursts after you press the trigger. There’s a handy digital display showing you the amount of water left in your tank as well as when your gun is ready for a new shot. You can also decide to charge up for a power shot by holding the trigger for a while. Note that the powershots will drain your water tank faster than normal bursts.

Check out the video below for a quick start explanation.

There’s a definite recoil with every shot and getting hit with a power shot might actually leave a mark, which might not make this suitable for the youngest kids.

To get a new water charge you push the gun forward and hold it in the water for 11 seconds. No pumping required, as the tech will automatically refill the tank for you.

All in all, you can have a total of 90 water recharges before you need to recharge the gun itself, which is plenty of time to have a proper water fight tournament between you and your friends.