Gillette Heated Razor

Right in time for father’s day Gillette is releasing an innovative new shaving technology which was presented on CES 2019 and launched earlier on Indiegogo. The Gillette Labs Heated Razor allows you to heat up your razor blade with the touch of a button, giving you the smooth sensation of shaving after a hot shower, even when you didn’t shower.

How does it work?

Heated Razor with heat strip glowing

Gillette’s Heated Razor looks like something in between a regular dispoable razor blade and an electric razor. You dock it in it’s magnetic charger and once charged you’ll press the button to have a warming bar on the blade heat up (which happens instantly)

You can adjust the heat level to your liking (between 45 and 50 degrees Celsius) and rinse it under water to start your shaving session. A full charge will get you about 6 full shaving sessions. The FlexDisc on the Heated Razor ensures the blade will always follow the shape of your face.

Expect all further results from the Gillette’s blades that you are used to, but then feeling like a hot towel shave you get from a barber.


  • Warming bar
  • Wireless Magnetic Charging
  • Heat safety control system
  • Adjustable temperature levels
  • FlexDisc
  • Li-Ion battery
  • Aluminium Zinc handle

Pricing and Availability

Gillette’s Heated Razor is now available for pre-order from their official website for $200, via the link below. Order now and it’ll ship 10 June 2019, in time for this year’s Father’s Day.

Order Gillette’s Heated Razor

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