Huglee Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets are the latest and greatest if you want to fall asleep fast and get a good deep rest. The sensation of having around 10% of your body weight lying on you is similar to being held or cuddled and triggers a primary mechanism in your brain so you’ll feel protected. You’ll be safe asleep without interruptions. It’s the perfect remedy against insomnia or anxiety.

The Huglee Weighted Blanket Kickstarter takes all the best advancements in weighted blankets and presents them in an affordable package.

What is the Huglee?

The Huglee weighted blanket imitates the sensation of being hugged. You’ll unlock a natural dose of melatonin sleeping under this blanket. It has several advantages over your regular weighted blanket:

  • It’s attached using velcro
  • Even weight distribution due to double stitched, smaller pockets
  • No spillage of filling
  • Combination of bamboo and cloth makes it an all-season weighted blanket

Who should use this blanket?

The Huglee is a real benefit for people that have difficulties sleeping. If it takes a long time to fall asleep or you have restless feet a weighted blanket will help you a lot. People suffering from anxiety will also sleep much better with the Huglee. Even if you have no problems falling asleep the Huglee should improve your sleep quality.

Pricing and availability

Huglee Blanket overview

The Huglee comes in several sizes and weights. As a rule of thumb you’ll take around 10% of your body weight for a weighted blanket.

The Kickstarter prices are very affordable and give the Huglee another advantage over for example the Gravity Blanket.

Back the project now and the Huglee is scheduled to ship in June / July 2019

Visit the Kickstarter page

Huglee Weighted Blanket
Huglee Weighted Blanket
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