A Fork and Spoon for Your Smartphone

You probably have someone that’s so addicted to their phone they can’t put it down during dinner. If that person has a birthday coming up we know the perfect thing to get them. The spoon_phork is a spoon and fork set you can plug in a special phone cover. You’ll never have to put down your phone while eating, it’s perfect!

What’s the spoon_phork?

You know someone was thinking about a further integration of the phone into our lives for the Instafoodies. Even if you’re not that crazy thinking of using your phone to spear your food, this is still a neat invention for when you want to battle plastic waste. You’ll always have a set of reusable eating utensils with you!

Where can I get this spoon and fork for my smartphone?

The sphoon_phork is compatible with the iPhone 7, 8, X and XS. More phones will be supported the more people back this project.

Order one for about thirty bucks and have it shipped in June 2019

Visit the official Kickstarter page.

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