Iron Dome – Protective Underwear for Dads

If you’re dad of a toddler you’ve probably experienced several, unexpected strikes to the groin area already. Even for this sudden pain there’s now a solution. Iron Dome is underwear for dads, with special protection for the sensitive areas.

The Iron Dome is a comfortable, cotton and spandex boxer with an internal ‘power pouch’ that contains a thick, thermoplastic shield. This shield has been tested tirelessly against shots to the nuts, so you’ll never have to keep your hands low while playing with your kids.

Pricing and Availability

The Iron Dome underwear is being launched with a great sense of humour on Kickstarter. We’d love to see the team behind this underwear reach their modest funding goal.

You can order an Iron Dome boxer for about $25 on Kickstarter and have it shipped in time for Father’s day.

Visit the Kickstarter page for Iron Dome

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