MOFT Smart Desk Mat

MOFT, creator of minimalist cases and stands has introduced something new for your desktop. The MOFT Smart Desk Mat can hold your common smart devices and more in an organized way. You can tilt it upwards in several angles for ergonomic convenience and when you need to relocate you simply take the entire desk mat with you. You can even keep this on your lap and work comfortably on the couch.

Why do I need this?

With working from home I often leave things scattered around the desktop as there’s no one enforcing a clean desktop policy around the house. Sometimes it turns into a mess and I have a hard time finding my smart devices, when I need to go out.

The MOFT Smart Desk Mat ensures everything has a fixed place. You can use the magnetic components to hold your smart devices. It has a wireless charging pad for your phone which you can simply snap onto the mat. It holds your tablet, Apple Watch, your notebook (or separate notes) and your Airpod charging case.

You can also use the mat for your laptop and get the same benefits as MOFT’s invisible stand. When laying flat, the Smart Desk Mat also takes up minimal space, being 0.15in thick.

Embedded are NFC hotspots, which you can configure, so that your smart device reacts to it being attached on the mat. This allows you to switch into work mode as soon as you sit behind the Smart Desk Mat.


  • Multi-angle tilt (25° or 45°-60°)
  • Snap anything magnetic on the mat
  • Built-in NFC functions
  • Including snap-on leg/wrist cushion
  • Organize the components in your preferred setup
  • Materials: Vegan leather, fiberglass, metal sheets

Where can I buy the MOFT Smart Desk Mat?

The MOFT Smart Desk Mat has recently launched on Kickstarter. For around 100 bucks you can get an early bird kit which should have most of the components you need to start working. At the time of writing, the first mats are scheduled to ship at near the end of 2021.

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