Thumby – World’s Tiniest Gameboy

Tiny Circuits, maker of tiny, working arcade cabinets, is launching a new Kickstarter project for Thumby. Thumby is the smallest, playable keychain in the world. It looks like a small Gameboy and plays 5 built-in games from its small Raspberry Pi processor.

Why do I need this?

Gaming lovers probably heard of Tiny Circuits before. They’re most known for those small DIY kits with which you can build a tiny, working arcade system.

The Thumby is their newest project which is hitting Kickstarter. The keychain device packs a Raspberry Pi RP2040 processor and a tiny 72√ó40 OLED screen. With it you’ll get 5 built-in games and you can work on your own games in the Python programming language.

We know it’s probably not suitable for lengthy portable gaming sessions (like with your Switch), but if you haven’t got anything gaming related on your keychain, this is probably a cool gadget to grab.


  • A game system the size of your thumb with a bright OLED display
  • Operational 4-way D-pad and two gameplay buttons
  • Sturdy plastic case with a built in rechargeable battery and buzzer
  • Preloaded with 5 retro games, instantly¬†playable out of the box¬†
  • Multiplayer support via Thumby¬†Link cable¬†
  • Easily programmable using MicroPython in¬†a web browser – create your own games!¬†

Where can I buy the Thumby?

The Thumby has just launched on Kickstarter and already shot past its funding goal in a single day.

A single unit will cost you a little bit under twenty bucks and will be delivered to you around February 2022.

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