Nintendo Labo

It looks like Nintendo is adding yet another dimension to their successful Switch console. No VR, no AR, but Nintendo Labo will spice up your gaming experience with…cardboard?

What is this?

Nintendo Labo is a set of cardboard templates with strings and straps that you can build into different structures that, together with your Joy-Cons act as glorified controllers for special Labo games.

Nintendo Labo comes in 2 versions.

Toy-con Variety Kit
The Toy-con variety kit contains five cardboard projects with which you can build the following:

  • a piano
  • a motorcycle
  • a fishing rod
  • a house
  • 2 RC cars


Toy-con Robot Kit
The Robot Kit turns into a robot suit for you to land some heavy punches as a mech warrior.


Who is this for?

The Nintendo Labo sets are really great for parents concerned about their kids’ screen time. It’s a fun new approach to gaming on the Switch and adds an extra dimension to Switch gaming which both kids and adults will love.

When can I get it?

The Nintendo Labo sets are scheduled to release on 20 April 2018

Where can I get it?

The Nintendo Labo sets should be available with all retailers that carry Nintendo Switch products. Stay tuned!

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