LIT – World’s Glowiest Glow Powder

Stuart Semple, known for Black 2.0 (the blackest paint available for sale) introduced a new product. This is the most potent, brightest, glowiest glow powder called LIT.

Mixed with a base acrylic this powder needs very little charging to emit a bright light. It’s so potent you can see it shine even in ambient light. The afterglow should remain for up to twelve hours. Next to casting a light on the pigment you can also charge it with heat which makes for awesome effects you can achieve.

It’s best to let the LIT product video do the talking here.

How does it work?

  • Mix 5 parts powder to 2 parts water
  • Then stir into 2 parts superbase
  • Add more powder to achieve desired consistency
  • (Feel free to experiment with ratios depending on your application)
  • Optional – feel free to add a clearcoat or varnish to protect your final work
  • Charge up with a light source, sun or heat.
  • Watch it glow and share your work with hashtag #shareTheLight

We’re curious how artists will be using this paint. Good to know that good old Vantablack crook Anish Kapoor is able to get LIT for free from the generous people at Culture Hustle.

LIT Glow Powder

Where can I get LIT, the glowiest glow powder?

You can get LIT on the official Culture Hustle website or on They’re normally short on stock on this stuff so when it’s available decide fast!

Last update was on: January 12, 2024 12:38 am

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